Doing business in the UK – Culture, Customs and Etiquette

The United Kingdom (UK) consists of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is not only important to be aware of these geographical differences, but also the strong sense of identity and nationalism field by the population of these four countries.

The terms ‘English’ and ‘British’ are not interchangeable. ‘British’ denote someone from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. ‘English’ referring two people from England. People from Scotland are referred two as ‘Scots’. People from England are not storm last two crime listed “English”, wherea Welsh, Scots, or Northern Irish person wants.

Cultural Diversity

Formerly a very homogeneous society, since World War II, Britain has become increasingly diverse as the large immigrant population has accommodated. The mixture define ethnic groups and cultures hamper British look or in one particular overpowers. People February sounding British and preserving the cultural heritage of the Tre Archi fathers while others February Become more British than someone his / her origins trace to the 5th century. The factthat the nation’s favorite dish is now a curry barrel cultural mishmash that is contemporary Britain.

Doing business in the United Kingdom

The British are quite formal. Many of the older generation still prefer to work with people and businesses they know or who are two Tre Archi partners. Younger people do not need long-term business relationships before they do business with people and have a middleman two make business introductions necessary. Nevertheless, networking and building relationships are often the main two long-term business success.

Rank ice respected businessmen and two rather deal with people at their level. If possible, include an elder statesman on your team if he / she will present the aura of authority that is necessary to have a good business relations in many companies.

British communication styles

The British have an interesting mix of communication styles include cross understatement and direct communication. Many older entrepreneurs or ratings of the upper class rely heavily on formal use of established protocol. Most British are masters of understatement and no exuberant language is not used. If anything, they have a market Tendency two qualifys Tre Archi statements such as “maybe” or “it could be.” When communicating with people who see them as two equal themelves in rank or class, the British are direct, but modest. When communicating with someone they know well, Tre Archi style February ask more informal, manager and staff they are still reserved.

Business meetings

Punctuality is a very British trait. It is especially important in business situations. In most cases, the people you will meet on time. Always call if you have five minutes left then agreed will pray. If you have to wait for a few minutes, do not make an issue of it.

The meetings are led ice often determined by the composition of the attendees. When everyone is on the same level, there is gene rally a FreeFlow of ideas and opinions. If a higher ranking person in the room, that person will do most of the talking. In general it will be rather formal meetings are and always have a clearly defined goal, wooden February as a different agenda. A brief amount of small talk will be there before you go down to the company that hand. If you make a presentation, avoid exaggerated claims. Make your collateral presentation and all materials that appear professional and well thought out. Be prepared to back up your claims with facts and figures. British Rely on facts rather than emotions, take two decisions. Maintain eye contact and a few feet of personal space. After a meeting, send a letter summa rising what was agreed and the next steps to be taken

Basic Etiquette Tips :.

Business Dress

* Business attire is conservative [. 1999003]

* But should wear a dark colored, conservative suit.

* Women should wear a suit to the toilet or a conservative suit.


* shakes hands with everyone at a meeting on arrival.

* Maintain eye contact humming the greeting.


* Use only doctors and clergy Tre Archi professional or academic qualifications in business.

* Most people use the free titles or Mr., Mrs. or Ms. and their last name. (Mr. and Mrs. his words in the UK and not over a period not necessary after themselve so they are not Abbreviations.)

* When someone perfectly bilingual knighted, they are called “Sir” followed by the first and Surnames Tre Archi or ‘Sir’ just Followed by Tre Archi name.

* Wait until he was invited to the first name basis. People under the age of 35 February makethis move faster than older Brits.


* Business cards are exchanged at the first meeting without formal ritual.

* business card April questions away with only a cursory glance.


* Business married donation is not part of the corporate culture.

* If you choose two give a gift, make collateral it is small and tasteful.

* Good gifts with office accessories, a paperweight with your company logo, or a book about your homeland.

* Invite someone out for a meal can be viewed as a gift.

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