Don’t Expect Any Answer Because Of Length, But Would Like Advice(no Stupid Answer Please)?

Background info:
Im 21, she is 28.
We live 6.5hrs apart and have never met before.
We have known each other for a couple years but a few months ago really hit it off and now talk every day.
Problem/need advice on:
I really like her and i know she has feelings for me but again we have never met. Im not sure what to do anymore and need legit advice.
I know i should deal with my own delemas but its nice to get advice from people sometimes.
Overall information:
Through all the time we talk she has shown interest in me and likes to talk to me. I always ask about her day and she is comfortable telling me things and has told me that she trusted me which is a big thing. I have told her how i felt about her before and when i asked the same to her, she never gave a straight forward answer.(She would say that i make her laugh and smile and likes talking to me and she never discounts anything that could happen.)
Now we have sent pics to each other(yes both regular and sexual) and have skyped several times so we know what each other looks like. We both talk about how nice it would be to hang out and spend time with each other and even being able to hold each other and cuddle. And yes ‘We” meaning she as also expressed this.
I have really wanted to go visit but due to her work schedule i never got a weekend she was off while i was at school to go(i would drive there so she wouldnt have to drive the 6.5hrs). now that school is over for the summer i gave her a plan to meet. She liked the plan but never really brought it back up, and when i did she said she couldnt get the weekend off. After i told her it didnt have to be a weekend she just said ‘oh’ then kinda of acted like she wish she would have realized that but STILL did not give a suggestion on meeting. I would just go and suprise her and i know she would be happy to see me but i know she doesn’t like unannouced guests at all.
I really want to make this work because I have yet to have a girlfriend that i specifically wanted to date and actively tried to get(all my other gf’s, the whole 3 fell into my lap with me even trying). Im not sure if i should give up because of her seeming lack of interest in talking about meeting or making a plan to(even though she said she really wants to and talks about how fun it would be). Should i keep on trying and if so how? I cannot think of anything different to do and am completely lost.

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4 Responses to “Don’t Expect Any Answer Because Of Length, But Would Like Advice(no Stupid Answer Please)?”

  1. Frank says:

    Too much to read!!!

  2. Caroline says:

    I think the ball is in her court and you’re going to have to wait for her to invite you for a visit…or you can invite her to visit you.
    If she’s not made specific plans with you then it sounds to me like she’s not as interested as you are. At this point in her life, she may very well think you are too young but be too nice to say so.

  3. Terry says:

    If you truly love here, get out of your way to meet her face to face. If you know she loves you, you two should make plans and at least meet her halfway.

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