door to door sales?

Yes the most anoying people in the world, door to door sales people (if you an actually call us people).
Im in a crap job, suposed to be really good money. im a good seller, i know i am. but knocking on peoples doors, an pissing them off just aint good for me. some people in the firm seem to be able to do it but you never see them out knocking. i am always trying to make apointments for myself but never seem to get anywhere. as i said, i know im a good seller and i am following the companys set routine to ensure a good performance. NOTHING WORKS!!!
Sry not realy a question really, more of a rant! what do you all think? as a sales man should i commit suicide, remove all of my skin jump in acid? find another job perhaps lol? or perhaps jus get some kinda therapy??? what would you do to suceed in a door to door sales job!

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6 Responses to “door to door sales?”

  1. C Phillips says:

    I’ve been a double glazing salesman for a lot of years, and i can tell you now that side of the sales industry is dead, my advice to you would be to go to a company that supplies the leads, for an advertising promotion, you’ll find them warm leads and a lot easier to sell !

  2. Mary Beth says:

    I just don’t answer the door–to salesmen OR Jehovah’s Witnesses!

  3. scrambulls says:

    Now let me see should U commit suicide, remove all of yr skin jump in acid? find another job perhaps lol? or perhaps jus get some kinda therapy???

  4. david b says:

    some of them can earn alot of money. I knew a 22yr old window seller who earned £800 a week. You got to have a very thick skin. Most people have the sense to understand that if any product that requires a door to door sales man to sell it, isn’t worth buying.

  5. ullessis says:

    Read first-hand how traveling sales crews have positively impacted many young men and women. Stories are completely unedited, except for minor spelling and grammar corrections. Many of the crew members here have even agreed to have their email address publicly displayed so you can ask them questions directly.

  6. Angela M says:

    Sorry mate, but ye huv nae future in the door knocking business. Most folk like tae think that when they get intae the hoose, they urr in thier safe place and don’t deserve tae be pestered wi’ folk at the door. It’s the same fur yon eejits who phone ye up jist when "Easties" huz started. We all need some quality time on oor own, we dinnae like tae huv youz guys givvin’ us grieff in oor private time!! We even hud some Indian buff gie us a phone at on a Sunday morning. Ma faither went mental. It’s supposed tae be everybody’s day aff!!!!

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