dose anyone know how you get those little books full of vouchers?

I mean the little voucher books, Ive seen them full of like buy 1 get one free at McDonald’s but can u get them for cloths shops ect?

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8 Responses to “dose anyone know how you get those little books full of vouchers?”

  1. Myst3r10us M3chan1c says:

    Well whenever you sign up for a discount card at clothing stores they’ll give a book of coupons.

  2. Morgan F says:

    You spelled does wrong.

  3. snovak49849 says:

    I think you are describing a voucher book that is sold as a fundraiser for different organizations.

    You would have to buy those from the organization that is selling it.

  4. Randeletta H says:

    *You Can Get Vouchers From Magazine & Newspapers for shops and things like that :D*

    *The Booklets of Vouchers Normally come through your door:D*



  5. reneet88 says:

    I have only seen them in the newspaper orthey will come in flyers in the mail

  6. Steve M says:

    Hi, You can get regular money-off vouchers online at



    I hope you have lots of fun saving loads of dosh!

  7. alines says:

    I think some drug stores sell them. I know I’ve seen one of these coupon books at Walgreen’s (here in the U.S.). My husband bought one last year from a co-worker who was fund-raising for her child’s school. It must have had a few hundred coupons for all sorts of things, including some clothing shops. There is a price for them. Check your local major chain drugstore or search the web.

  8. travelgirl218 says:

    I think you are talking about "Entertainment Books" which has tons of coupons off for dining, car washes, dry cleaning .. etc..
    You can call the local school or library and they maybe able to tell you where you can purchase them. I believe they run about 35.00

    I do not believe they have any coupons for clothing.

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