DVD bargains!?

for uk people only!!

what recent bargains have you bought at HMV and Virgin Megastore!!?

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4 Responses to “DVD bargains!?”

  1. angjam says:

    used to get the bargain from there but found ebay and asda far cheaper

  2. ladylara1979 says:

    I get my DVDs through this site


    It’s fantastic it compares prices with most of the Internet shops…..and most of them are free postage …very good:)

    Before i buy DVDs i always search on there first.

    Although HMV has had some very good deals of late


  3. red nose boy says:

    i brought doctor who revelation of the dalkes for 10 pound on monday

  4. mattb77 says:

    i never buy from hmv, and virgin ms i only use when its an outlet store. personally i find buying from jersey on sites like play and sendit is both quicker and cheaper. ie my purchase: DVD: £3.89 + POSTAGE: free +WAITING TIME: 3 DAYS= a good, cheap, fast service!. yay sendit!

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