Ea Customer Support Sucks, Need New Sims 3 Code, Can Someone Help Me?

EA SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES! I live in NJ and I completely lost my home and most of everything in it. After recovering what I could I was happy that my sims cd’s were fine. However, the codes for them were not since they had been in a filing cabinet on the first floor and were destroyed by the flooding. I was able to read the number for my ambitions game, which i then wrote on the cd, but the sims 3 base code was completely destroyed. So a friend of mine suggested grabbing one off the internet since I don’t normally register my games (Never felt a need to or saw a reason to since normally I never really had internet) So I did, and my games worked just fine. I went out yesterday and decided to treat myself to a new game while I was christmas shopping and bought hidden springs. I spent hours trying to install this thing. Finally I started having some success. But now this game wants me to activate it online for it to work and I must have the sims 3 base game registered online. So I start trying to find a way to register my game, I look in my registry, all my files and properties and everything else. I was so tired of trying all these things that I figured that EA would definitely help me out with a new code, I mean its a 16 digit code, how hard could that be? So I started a chat with them, and after waiting an hour I finally got to talk to someone. I explained my whole situation, and I received an answer of ” Sorry, we can only give new codes if the are invalid or do not work” So I tried a new approach and said well what if i give you a code that doesn’t work? The Representative says ok, and I give her the code I have been using since mine has been destroyed, they reply “This is an invalid code” So I said That’s probally why its not working, now can I have a replacement code, you did say you give them when they don’t work or are invalid, They then tell me I need a receipt so they can track my purchase and what not, which then I have to explain again that I don’t have one, it was lost in hurricane sandy. She says well there’s nothing I can do for you, sorry. So, one last attempt on my part, thinking someone in ea has to have some kind of compassion, I asked if maybe she could talk to her manager and explain the situation and make an exception, Id have understood if I had just lost the code myself, but I didn’t, NJ was struck with a storm that left thousands homeless and without power, Floods everywhere, and everyone scattered everywhere. I have had to spend so much money replacing the essentials such as food, clothing, and a roof over my head, I really don’t want to have to buy another copy of the sims 3 just to get a stupid 16 digit code! So she asks her manager and comes back and tells me the best things we can to for you is give you a 15% discount.. Wow EA you really care about your customers! You can take the 15% and stick it where the sun don’t shine! I love playing the sims, its one of my favorite games and it gives me an escape from my life. Does anyone out there have a registration code to their sims 3 game that they have not registered that they would be willing to give to me or trade for the 15% discount code I have?

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One Response to “Ea Customer Support Sucks, Need New Sims 3 Code, Can Someone Help Me?”

  1. Beep Beep Meow says:

    To be fair, they have absolutely no way of verifying whether or not you’re telling the truth. People lie to EA’s support to get free stuff all the time so they’ve probably started to wise up slightly.
    Honestly, I’d probably be more worried about getting the rest of your home in order before worrying about your games.

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