(easy Points) This Guy Is So Cute. Does He Like Me?

2 weeks ago was my sister’s birthday. I went to this brand new CD store to buy my sister a few CDs. (She collects them). This new store was surprisingly classy, not edgey like I would have expected. Even the employees had dress codes. Well, I mean, they sell DVDs and other stuff too.
So I met this ADORABLE guy. I’m awful when it comes to telling if someone’s flirting or not. But I think he was flirting. So, when I go to buy a CD, it was 10% off, but if you had a membership, it was an extra 10% off. So when I said I wasn’t a member he gave me the discount anyway. (I didn’t ask for it). Like and not in a pity way. He asked if I had a membership, when I said no, he mumbled about giving me the discount anyway. Because I didn’t hear him, I would’ve said something sweet. But my brother was with me also, so I didn’t want to flirt. Plus! I don’t think you can just give discounts left and right.
But I’m also bad in telling if someone’s gay or not. No offense to anyone!! But at first I thought he was gay because of what he was wearing… Khaki capris and a bright and tight button up. And (please, no offense) but I have a best gay friend and I associate short guys as gay… Just because every gay guy I meet is short. And this guy is short.
What should I do??

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6 Responses to “(easy Points) This Guy Is So Cute. Does He Like Me?”

  1. ᾪ umm ᾪ says:


  2. Medina says:

    All the gay people i know are very tall, so i think thats coincidence lol.
    I think, you should go back, without le brother, and attempt conversation with this fine specimen. Only way you’ll find out for sure. ‘you don’t ask, you don’t get’

  3. Me!! :P says:

    I honestly doubt he’s gay, go back to the store and get his number, without your brother flirt a little so he gets the message, honestly he thought your cute or something because he gave you a free discount. Just don’t make it a big deal. Good luck! answer mine?

  4. Samantha says:

    I think he likes you!

  5. Becky says:

    I think he could possibly like you, or he could of been doing the 10% off out of kindness? I don’t know.
    But.. you could go back there again maybe and speak to him.

  6. ? says:

    Go back to the store and flirt with him! If he flirts back he’s into you and hes not gay

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