Eating Disorder For Attention?

so i have a really close friend who is anorexic. yes i believe she has it, to some extent. but i think she just wants attention. she’s 22 and telling everyone she is anorexic and i mean everyone. we were dress shopping and the sales associate asked what size she would need and she told her about how she has to gain weight cause she’s in treatment for anorexia. she told she told her gym that and now has her gym membership “suspended” because she’s anorexic. she will talk very loudly about it in public, is always talking about calories and weight loss to everyone. she told her work she’s in treatment and can’t work and gave lots of details. she doesn’t keep it a secret from anyone.
i can criticize this to some extent because i have an eating disorder too. i’m bulimic with anorexic tendencies. i have told no one but my husband and therapist. that’s it. no one else knows. i don’t want anyone else to know.

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One Response to “Eating Disorder For Attention?”

  1. Cantanke says:

    Some people naturally overshare. Its just a social role they play. They figure if everyone knows thier issues, they’re somehow safer. Trying to maintain privacy can be stressful to some people. They don’t think they will be treated fairly if everyone they meet doesn’t know everything about them. Obviously keeping your issues to your close circle causes you some kind of anxiety or you would not be bothered by her sharing her issues with everyone like she’s taking some sort of easy way out.
    I’m not judging her or you, or saying what she is doing is the best way for a dignified person to act, she has probably always paid the price for her oversharing, and will continue to do so, but I think it’s oversimplistic to say they simply crave attention. We all crave attention.

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