ebay.co.uk? computer sell!?

i want to sell a custom built pc that i have built on ebay.co.uk for £750.

can i ask how will ebay sell my custom built pc?

how do i recieve payment. shall i open paypal account?
is it instant or wait couple of days to clear?

i want to send the computer through parcel company. do ebay
provide parcel companys, that offer items to be delivered within 24, 48 hours?

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  1. mj_junkie86 says:

    no the only thing ebay do is give u a website to show off your computer.
    its like putting something in the paper, its there, but u ave to do all the work when it comes to selling it

    for that much money id say just ask for a cheque or cash up front.
    paypal is ok, but they charge you about 2%+30p.

    when it comes to postig it out, make sure the cheque has cleared (ofcourse) and go to a posting company and post it!
    i assume you have gotten some quotes so u know how much postage to charge on ebay?

    good luck!


  2. Fideal says:

    Hi Hun
    It is unlikely you would sell a PC on eBay for that amount. But if you’ve got something special i would recommend you get a pay pal account -that means instant payment although they do take a certain amount out for processing the money.
    Just sign in with them and you’ll be directed to where you need to go.
    you need to tell the person in your description when they have to pay by.
    You decide on the postal company so you have to work out how much it will cost (you can do this by weight on line)- its like running a business – your responsibility
    Also check out listing fees it may be worth putting a reserve on the item.
    Good luck

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