Ebay.co.uk help!!!?

On ebay how do you get a note on your listing’s saying you are away.( I have seen this on other listings). thankyou for your help.

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4 Responses to “Ebay.co.uk help!!!?”

  1. Isabella says:

    If you do a search under the help pages you should find a step by step guide. Hopefully the link below will work


  2. isobels_mum says:

    I believe its only possible to do this when you have a shop. (At least I was onl able to do it after opening a shop – there is an option on the home page when you open a shop). the only other way you can do it is to add a note to your description.

  3. Ali A says:

    Just type in it after your description, that’s what I normally do

  4. the boss says:

    You can add to your description.
    Try biddingbay.co.uk its totally free, worked for me.

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