ebay.co.uk; url watch?

go on to ebay.co.uk, find a real genuine designer mens watch and post the url here.

i want to treat my self to a mens watch. saved enough money over the weeks to treat myself a watch. thinking of wearing to my friends wedding into two weeks time. any help/ideas/suggestions would help. cheers.

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2 Responses to “ebay.co.uk; url watch?”

  1. OneWhoKnows says:

    I hate to answer a question with a question but ……………………

    why don’t YOU go to eBay and search for the watch you want ???

    What are we, your assistant shoppers ??

  2. Andrea says:

    I Dont Know How Much Money You Have Saved Or What Kind Off Watch Would Suit You But I’ll Put Links In For Some Kool Ones.





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