Ebay….Do items listed on Ebay.co.uk appear on Ebay.com at the same time and vice versa?

What are the advantages, if any, of registering your item on Ebay.com over Ebay.co.uk OR vice cersa?

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6 Responses to “Ebay….Do items listed on Ebay.co.uk appear on Ebay.com at the same time and vice versa?”

  1. monkeymoo says:

    If you list on .co.uk, your items will only show up on that site unless you choose to add a listing upgrade (for a fee!). There’s quite a lot of info on international listing here
    and here

    I’m not 100% sure on this, but think that if you list on .com,your items show up there, of course, but they’ll only show up for UK buyers if the buyers choose to see items from international sellers.

    As to the best place to create your listings, that really depends on who you hope to sell to.

    If your buyers are more likely to be UK members, you might want to list on .co.uk with ‘international visibility’ (or not).

    If your buyers are more likely to come from the US, then it could be better for you to create your listings there, not least because that way the prices you show will automatically be in US dollars (listing on .co.uk and adding international visibility means that the pricing will be in sterling with the overseas currency showing below as an approximation).

  2. JULIE A says:

    they appear on both sites well mine have been,thats how you get people from abroad buy your items,i dont think theres any differance which you put your items on as they go on same site,

  3. daxica says:

    I’m guessing you’re from uk? I think they only appear on ebay.com if you choose to list overseas as well as in the uk, then of course you will have had to list a postage price for overseas so you’ll know by that if it’ll be listed there or not.the advantage is that it opens the bidding to overseas buyers and of course the more people that are interested the more likely you are to make a sale and possibly at a higher price as there are more bidders viewing the auction.

  4. Suave-cat says:

    Ebay has had its best days,the tossers who run it now have messed up a perfect thing!

  5. *BUBBLEBUTT* says:

    if you type in the item number then it will come up…but depending on your settings depends on what is shown…

    ebay.com is usually stuff in america, but if the settings say ‘available to’ or ‘situated in’ the uk then it will show the uk stuff too

  6. insane_mad_maniak says:

    .com is the american site, .co.uk is the uk site

    all uk sellers will be on the uk site, and also international sellers. same with the amercan side.

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