Ebay Help! Question!!!?

Okay, I had put my guitar up for sale which cost me £179 and put it for auction starting at £10 pounds but at the last minute it went up to £79 but I wanted to cancel it but was too late as my internet was slow and the bidder and i had a bit of an augment because i had changed my mind. any she sent me this message and i don’t quiet understand it, i told her she can come pick it up if she wants and that im sorry and she sent this :
don’t worry, I know how crap it feels to sell a guitar for much less than you think it’s worth.
relist it but drop me an email if you change ur mind
Does it mean she doesn’t want it anymore or that I can re-list it and if i change my mind give it to her?

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3 Responses to “Ebay Help! Question!!!?”

  1. Fallen says:

    Wow. That was a shitty move on your part. I think they mean to let them know if you decide to sell it to them for the price they won it for.

  2. daniel says:

    It means exactly what she said. Cancel the sale, relist it, but let her know if for some reason you want to sell it to her for the original price.
    If you think you can get more for it I would relist it on eBay and put a reserve price. So start the listing at 20 but put a reserve of 100 or something so that no matter what people bid the item will not sell unless the price goes above 100.

  3. MR.PICKL says:

    Wow, I sure would have reported you to ebay for your selling techniques, your lucky you got some was understanding, she told you to go ahead a re-list it personally I would sell it to them, and take a loss,,but next time becareful, you might not be so lucky, also you could have set a reserve on your item, next time I wouls suggest it!!

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