Ebay Listings – www.ebay.co.uk?

if it’s free to list items £0.99 and under. but you’re not allowed to add postage onto dvd’s and cd’s.. how do we tan a profit??

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  1. Roy S says:

    The thing with Ebay is they are trying to get people in to list their goods that truely are just getting shot of odds and ends that are taking up loft/storgae space – the kind of stuff that would normally end up at a jumble sale, car boot sale or the local land fill site.

    These promotoions are NOT aimed at those wanting to "make a profit" on the sale.

    Admittedly, it doesn’t look terribly good – you sell the CD for 99p, postage costs you 42p (normal 2nd class), you make 57p from the sale as "profit" as you haven’t paid for the listing. Then you have to pay the PayPal cut (if you’ve taken payment that way) and theres anotehr cut to PayPal if you try to withdraw the cash in a way that incurs more of their charges, so, yes, you don’t come away with very much. But then, these promos are aimed at those how would think "3p is 3p more than I had before I sold that CD…." not those looking to make some extra dough.

    Another issue is that of the postage added by some Ebay users specifically to make an outrageous profit while avoiding paying Ebay’s fees. Now, I know that a little profit on the postage is a perk of the Ebay system but I object strongly to paying 99p for an item and then £20 for 1st class postage! Courier delivery – yes, but Royal Mail?!?! This is one of the core problems with Ebay from a purchasers point of view, but removal of the negative feedback system wasn’t the way forward as we now have no way of warning other users of potentially poor sales/service. And just not leaving any feedback is pointless as the purchaser has no way of knowing how many sales have occured without leaving feedback! But that’s another essay on it’s own.

    So, in short, these promos are designed to make it extremely difficult to make a large profit on the CD/DVD type sale unless it happens to be a brand new John Lennon solo CD, signed by the artist with a certificate of authenticity and sample of DNA for comparative analysis – you get my point?

  2. Garglelolz says:

    Well you list the item at a low start and because theres no postage you potentially could get someone bid higher,
    99p is just the starting price remember not what its sold for unless you have it a fixed price,

    Your best just leaving them kind of promotions alone in general in case someone doesn’t bid high its a bit of a risk

  3. Rt Hon Alfy G Returns says:

    Thats ridiculous forcing sellers to offer free P+P!!! Ebay really are trying to shoot themselves in the feet at every opportunity these days! Same as stopping Sellers from leaving bad feedback so even the idiot buyers still have 100% EBay deserve to go out of business IMO

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