Ebay Or Etsy For Selling Crafts?

I have a store on both sites to sell my handmade awareness ribbon pins. I’m amazed that on etsy, they’ve gotten such little attention. It has gotten to be a big site, but everyone complains there I notice about not being able to get many sales. I’ve gotten none at all at either site, though I’ve gotten a lot of looks on them at ebay. On etsy, it seems there isn’t a lot of traffic from outside of the website. People there will look at my items but it’s usually b/c I’ve looked at one of their’s. It’s just pretty annoying b/c I’ve put so much into this, and, frankly, I think my items are pretty awesome. I thought it was a nice idea to offer awareness pins that are nicer and more personal than those chintzy ones you see around. I guess people are just that broke. I’m far from rich, but I realize that skimping on buying will cause a massive depression. So, I offer my pins at great prices, but still put the $ into creating quality pieces.
I have a nice product that is the same price or often cheaper than the mass-produced pins. Since they’ve gotten more attention at least on ebay, I’m thinking about pulling them from etsy and putting them all on ebay. I have no choice but to try to sell them since I thought it would be a great success – I made many ribbons. What do you think? Here are both stores: http://myworld.ebay.com/kei.cooper2012http://www.etsy.com/shop/MaiseycatsAware… Thank you!!

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