Ebay Seller Won’t Send Item? What Should I Do?

EBay seller won’t send item? What should I do?
I bought two iphone 4 cases on September 29 on ebay and paid immediately. According to the listing, the item would be handled and shipped within 3 business days. So after a week, I messaged the person asking when it would shipped. They replied: “My phone was stolen and my ebay was messed with Sorry ill ship tomorrow Ill give you a discount.” It did not ship the next day and no discount was issued. Then I received this message three days later: “which cases would you like? Ebay is having so many problems I cant open half of your messages Im sorry Which cases.” I messaged back answering his question. Then I asked him if he received my messages since it was never shipped. He said “I got it that time sorry ill give you and extra case and an extra screen protector will ship tomorrow”. I got that after two weeks of paying for the items. So I asked him when he would ship it, as a way of reminding him to stop delaying and ship: “monday the post office by me is clossed sorry I added a few extras for you”. I filed a dispute on PayPal just in case a few days ago but on eBay it says its too early to file a case. Today is monday. It was never marked as shipped. It should only take a day to get here because according to the listing, the item is in a city that is only 30 minutes away from my house! I bought another item from a different seller last Wednesday. It was shipped the next day and I received it today…all the way from California. Has anyone ever had this happen before? What did you do? What was the outcome? -Thanks

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  1. Pearls Before Swine says:

    File a report in the eBay resolution center. If it says it’s too soon to do it, do it as soon as you can. Don’t bother contacting this seller anymore, he/she is clearly a loser and a waste of time.

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