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Ebel watches are a great choice for many people. This watch brand is well known throughout Europe and has gained recent recognition throughout the rest of the world. What is Ebel known for? The company is a unique creator of watches, offering beautiful pieces that are simple yet elegant, timeless and high in quality. Watches from Ebel are designed to be important pieces in your accessory wardrobe, but they match well with a variety of styles, including a modern, contemporary and high end fashion line. The diversity of these watches help them to stand out.

Ebel watches have been manufactured for nearly 100 years. The company was founded by Eugene and Alice Blum, whose maiden name was Levy. One of the most interesting aspects of the company’s founding is in fact that name it has. The brand name Ebel, was derived from the combining of the founder’s names. Eugene Blum Et Levy became Ebel. The company was established in one of the most noteworthy cities in Switzerland: La Chaux de Fonds.

As with any company, Ebel has seen its ups and downs, but since its founding in 1911, the company has created many notable pieces that have become symbols of beauty in the watch industry today. The watches have grown and changed over the time the company has been in operation as well, adding new features and offering the latest styles in demand. One quality that has been held dearly throughout the company’s extensive lifetime is the quality of each piece. These watches have been created to last and offer exact timing.

Ebel watches are available in a number of lines today. The most sought after, in some areas, are the vintage pieces, many of which are selling for significant amounts of money as antiques. These are difficult to find and well loved by their owners. Still, some of the newly manufactured models in vintage styles include the 1911 Chronograph and the 1911 Lady. You will find other models of Ebel watches are also popular including the E Type, Discovery, Sportwave, Classic Wave and the Beluga.

Ebel watches are known today for their soft charm. Many have a soft feminine look and feel to them. The sporty line of chronographs offered by Ebel are not femine, but are designed to meet the consumer’s demand for high quality, high technology in a good look. A look at any watches from the Ebel line will give you a sense of quality and style.

Ebel’s future is perhaps a bit unknown. The company was sold in 2004 to the Movado Group. The international company continues to produce the Ebel labeled watch brand. It also produces other brands including Concord, Esq Swiss, Coach watches, Hugo Boss Watches, Tommy Hilfiger Watches, Juicy Couture Timepieces and Lacoste. Of these, the timeless Ebel makes its own statement of quality and prestige.

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