Economic Help Asap Please!! Suppose That Two Economies Initially Have?

i’m new to economic and i need help on this question in order to submit my homework///
1) Suppose that two economies initially have the same level of real income and both suffer unanticipated declines in their sales of exports of $50 billion. Country “A” has higher tax rates and a higher level of government spending than economy “B”. Otherwise, the two economies are similar in every respect. Which country will suffer the greatest decline in employment as a result of the decline in exports? (Hint: think about multiplier effects and which country will have the higher multiplier!)

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  1. Oblivion Approaches says:

    Depens on how the other one is spending taxes? The one who supports infrastructure that benefits business will have a better chance of reviving the economy and it will also provides jobs to people who are building airports, bridges, and roads.

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