Economics Helpppppp ):?

14. Which of the following statements best describes the United States economy?
The U.S. economy can be best described as socialism.
The U.S. economy is a pure market economy.
While having features of a market economy, the U.S. economy is primarily a command economy.
While having features of a command economy, the U.S. economy is primarily a market economy.
15. What is the purpose of money?
It makes trading goods and services more efficient.
It gives society a national symbol of pride.
It gives the government a way to track our habits.
It keeps our nation from experiencing a depression.
16. Who would pay the least as a portion of income under a progressive tax?
grill master earning $10,000 per year
factory owner earning $90,000 per year
economist earning $60,000 per year
artist earning $20,000 per year
17. Which of the following is the most profitable investment for a game shop earning $2 profit from every game sold?
electronic billboard with $20 daily operating cost, increasing sales by 20 games per day
vehicle with $120 daily operating cost, delivering 80 games per day
game cleaning system with $5 daily operating cost, increasing sales by 15 games per day
inventory software with $10 daily operating cost, saving 30 games per day from theft
18. Keynes would most likely support a plan for
eliminating income taxes on the wealthy.
creating a worldwide free trade agreement.
government ownership of most production.
income taxes based on ability to pay.
19. Lowering the discount rate can promote full employment because
companies are less likely to sign up employees for unemployment insurance.
companies are more likely to expand and hire more workers.
employees are able to get better offers for hourly wages.
employees are more likely to apply for multiple jobs.
20. Reading from left to right, which list shows the tax types that proportionally increase with a rise in income?
proportional, regressive, progressive
regressive, proportional, progressive
regressive, progressive, proportional
progressive, regressive, proportional
21. To increase your standard of living, your wages must
have a negative inflation rate.
rise more slowly than the inflation rate.
rise faster than the inflation rate.
keep pace with the inflation rate.
22. People who support the idea of redistributing wealth would most support a
progressive tax.
proportional tax.
regressive tax.
flat tax.
23. The accumulation of years of spending more money than is collected in revenues over several years creates a budget
24. Usually capital investments
increase productivity.
cost too much to be worthwhile.
are outdated before the company can afford them.
decrease productivity.

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  1. Isha says:

    this looks like your homework. how about you complete it yourself…
    i’m taking econ and trust me, you’ll get nowhere if you don’t do the questions yourself. otherwise you won’t understand why your answers are wrong

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