Embellishing Your Home With Metal, Wood and Leather Crafts

Decorating ones house to convert it to a home is a pleasure beyond explanation. So much thought goes into it that for some decorating their house to perfection almost becomes a sort of obsession. Many people hire interior decorators to get the right balance of elements during decoration.

Home décor uses all sorts of materials and textures to create a magnificent effect. It all boils down to the looks. You can use wood, metal, abstract art, painting, or even simple wall hangings, but the end result is what matters. To accomplish this feat most of the above mentioned décors are used in certain combination to give the house or the room its character.


Woodcrafts come in various forms, colours and textures. Wooden furniture, pelmets for hanging curtains, coffee table, all of these make certain impression on the room. Wood imparts its character to the room and gives the sense of durability. Typically, wooden craftsmen charge a fortune for bespoke creations and they should, because most of the work is hand done and takes lot of effort. One single peck table can take a week to create.

Wood from oak, teak, elm, cherry, rosewood, birch and fir are used a lot as they are durable and can be carved easily. Wood also gives an antique look. If you wish to create an old English feel, try installing wooden décor.

Wood also includes bamboo and rattan furniture. These can be used to lighten up the heavy mood set by the wood.


Metal have a totally contrasting effect to wood. It is more contemporary and goes extremely well with whites, greys and pale palette. Typically metal furniture are used to accent delicate features such as swirls. But neo modern metal furniture uses solid structures to keep a futuristic feel to the room. It would be a bold choice to mix wood and metal crafts. But not balancing might result in an awful result. Accenting, however, with metal crafts is the best way to get along with wood and vice versa.


Leather is suitable as a home décor material only for furniture. Leather wall hangings too are acceptable, but anything more than that would just be like stuffing too much of leather. The room might end up looking like a tannery for all you know.

Moreover, leather need slot of care. Can you imagine spending week after week taking care of leather furniture in addition to sofas? Accents of leather here and there along with wood and metal make a perfect combo.

Home decorations need lot of care. They also guzzle quite a bit of your money. Hence, pay attention to what kind of look you want to create and stick to that while buying the décors.

Source by Dondu Linkan

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