Emotional Attatchment To A Horse?

Okay so I have a horse already!:)
She is the absoulute LOVEEEEEE Of my life! n.n
but recently ive been doing lessons at a different barn, and riding a horse there named Maximus.
And he is just the most handsome, gorgeous horse ever!! Hes huge. But very comfortable to ride;) Haha. I take great care of my horse I currently have, Domino<3 ;3 . And she is a happy&healthy 6 year old, haha! But doesn't get along well if im riding her with other horses in the arena, or if i go pet a horse a stable away she'll buck and freak out. Shes jealous, im guessing;) I love her to bits, and nothing could ever change that! But Maximus. the moment i found out they got him i was like "omg new horse i wanna see." Went to go look at him and my heart stopped. my jaw dropped, and i had the most amazing feeling ever. i cant describe it.. I rode him for the first time and it felt like i was.. flying. It was just incrediable. He's for sale and i wanna buy him sooo bad! But would it be bad for domino?.. If it'll hurt her im not going too..
Your opinions.. PLEEEASE?

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One Response to “Emotional Attatchment To A Horse?”

  1. Indigo says:

    Sounds like Domino needs some work!
    You become a better rider by riding a variety of horses, but be sure you make time to work with Domino as much as possible. Get advice/help from a trainer, if you can!

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