Employment Dismissal?

i have been dismissed by my employer for breaching the “employee standard code” (no idea what this is, i assume its the employee code of conduct). firstly can i be dismissed on the the reason is i have “breached the employee standard code” with out pay. as far as i know this can only happen with gross misconduct (serious) which can be with with out pay and have to be written in the employment contract that certain practices(not all the practices, some examples can be accepted) has to be done in order to be dismissed for gross mis conduct and it has to be signed and a employee hand book has to be given in order for the employee to understand the practices(what not to do and what to do) in the company which will be more vast in what the company can expect from the employee. if there is no employment contract you are still binded to the company but to an extent such as stuff which you know you shouldn’t do such as steal, burn the building down etc but cant be binded the term and condition which by working for the company such as if the every employee is entitled to holiday pay and signs the contract which stated there is no holiday pay which would mean that you are legally not entitled for holiday pay. in my case no company contract was given before i committed the act or a handbook which i requested both several times and now they say that i have breached a code which i was never told about verbally or written.the act i have committed is i dealt with a customer who did not purchase goods of the company i worked for and 1 order which i ordered from the company through me from my company i received permission as i informed my supervisor before ordering as was given the ok but he wasn’t paying so much attention to me i only did this because if i was to do it this way i would get a company discount from the supplier but if he refused i would just ordered it as a normal customer paid a little bit more thats it its that simple. by dismissing me with the reason of breaching the “employee standard code” i can claim back the days i haven’t worked for since my dismissal last month as only i have signed a contract after (couple of weeks later) i have done this act because even in the new contract it doesn’t state the gross misconduct and no employee hand book was given. there was no hearing, did not wanted to hears my side, main reason was i wanted to help the customer as the customer has lost thousand of pounds and the profit from this was for my expenses even the last payment (£1070) i rejected as the payment which the customer paid me already covered the goods and expenses to get these goods to her . later was escorted out by the Police with out hearing my side to the employer. also was told that the police said i couldn’t be in contact with the employer coming from my employer. no condition was put by the police. i confirmed with the police,

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  1. Tofuface says:

    The police were involved and they escorted you from the premises? The description you give of your mistake isn’t very clear, I’m guessing deliberately so because the police being involved suggests it was something extremely bad, I’ve never heard of the police being called when someone is sacked.

  2. Jan409 says:

    IT would have helped it you had written this in paragraphs and actually stated why you were dismissed
    IF you were escorted off the premises by the Police, then it must have been something serious
    How long did you work there, if it was under 2 full years then dismissing you is well within their rights
    IF you were suspended, then yes sometimes that is with pay
    If you were dismisses then you no longer work there, so naturally you are not going to get paid

  3. don_sv_a says:

    So you bought something that cost several thousand £ with an employe discount and then sold that item to a prospective customer of your employer that is now not their customer because of your actions.
    Sounds like gross misconduct to me. You took away a customer form the company you (used to) work for.

  4. Sarky says:

    You should be dismissed from YA for not being capable of writing in paragraphs and making your “question” understandable.
    Answer to your question – YES. You can be sacked,

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