Engine Swap, Insurance Effected Much?

I got a mustang lx 1989. It’s not considered a sports car uniquely by insurance company’s the fox body is technically a hatchback so inruance companys DO NOT rate it as a sports car. It has a 4 cylinder in it. Looking to do a 4cylinder to 5.0 v8 engine swap but I know it will effect insurance. Idk how much is my question though? Im 15 right now with learner permit but in June 16 I want to have this knowledge. My parents are going to have me listed as a secondary driver and the car and inruance be in their name (PARENTS HAVE GREEEAAATTT CCCREDDIT!!!) and both older so yea. Anyways there with geico and get the multi car discount. And my dad sais he got me a 4 banger cause he knows I could afford it BUT if I could afford insurance on a v8 hed swap it with me. I know I would have to tell insurance company it has a v8 even though the vin sais 4cylinder but how much more? Is it bad or not really? I get the good student discount to even knowing I’m secondary or forget technically term driver. Basically if I ever get in acsident I play like I drive it once in a blue moon ;-). Lol thanks for all replys ahead of time!! Happy new year!

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One Response to “Engine Swap, Insurance Effected Much?”

  1. Rob says:

    the insurance company will look at the VIN and your
    age then charge your parents big $$$$.
    the engine swap will normally not be noted.
    problem is the car’s engine compartment will
    fold on u with the engine swap.
    good luck.

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