Europe Travel Medical Insurance – Should You Buy Offered a policy by a European Tour Operator


I had a call from a customer in Salt Lake City, UT. She was ready to sign up for a guided Europe. Her concern was to have ample insurance, both medical and baggage during a trip through Europe.

She wanted to know whether Europe Travel Medical Insurance sacrifices by the tower operator Europe Providing adequate insurance. Well, I said the answer to this question depends on many things, and each person must carefully choose their insurance for specific needs

I Abebooks websites The following 3 questions.

1.) Are you currently Medicare Gold Has apply your current medical insurance abroad?

I have experienced in the past that most of my clients carry their health insurance, PPO or HMO coverage does not care abroad, it is always wise aim to check with your current health insurance provider to see if you were abroad can be covered. If they do that coverage for overseas travel, aussi Then double-check if they relate to evacuation, because that is usually not covered. Most supplementary insurance providers could be evacuation limits to a maximum of $ 5,000 for an international return ticket back home. In many cases the last minute international flights can cost much more. In my experience, the policies offered by most tour operators Providing adequate medical insurance if someone entered the hospital and must be evacuated (flown back home in the United States.) Client on my location they are on Medicare, so that was a reason Europe to seek additional medical insurance because Medicare not to expand internationally benefits.

2) How often do you travel internationally?

If you frequently travel internationally, (or even just three times a year), it may be cheaper to go with an annual policy instead of the one sacrifice by the tour operator. In many cases cover thesis policy you to travel for a full period of one year. Since I am a travel agent, I-am personally one of these policies and they are great! Now, based on trip with my client, they intend to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary and this will be their international only trip this year, so again travel from Europe insurance sacrifices by the turn Europe operator Provided they needed for this one trip They Were taking.

3.) Do you have pre-existing conditions?

Many 3rd party travel insurance providers limit the amount of pre-existing conditions coverage Significantly UNLESS you paid more to upgrade the coverage, and some even did not cover pre-existing coverage. With many tour operators can reliably cover pre-existing condition if you are buying insurance at the time of deposit. Currently, my client said about did they-have diabetes endeavor she has it under control. I again reminded that they can be considered since its long of a pre-existing conditions with the remote possibility of It Could worse, buying insurance the Europe tour operator at the same time they pay their own country this would cover pre-existing condition .

Based on the above answers to my three problems I strongly recommended to take my client to travel to the European Health Insurance That Is sacrifices by the tour operator, instead of going with the additional insurance from somewhere else, this way they can not only get a customized turn goal aussi They get a customized insurance! I have questions thesis same problems for many years, and 9 times out of 10 my client and I agree opt for insurance in Europe by the operator.

Source by Rena Angell

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