Eurostar …discount with eurail ?

I’m taking the eurostar,is there any discount having the eurail pass?
anyone can tell me ?

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  1. LaFeeFan says:

    Yes, you get a discount on Eurostar trains holding a Eurail pass


  2. JOHN B says:

    Not to my knowledge, Eurostar is a separate company. I use quite often.

  3. everest says:

    Yes you do have discount
    It is 58GBp one way in standard class.
    Please book your ticket early! Do not wait the last minute. Eurostar is very busy at the moment. (Christmas/New Year)
    by booking early you will ensure that the pass fare is available.
    If you turn up on the day, the only fare available is usually the full fare.
    You can not book that fare on the eurostar website ( you will need to contact the Eurostar Travel Centre in St Pancras Station or their ticket office in Ebbsfleet or Ashford.
    You can also book it at any SNCF points of sales. (Rail Europe for instance if you are based overseas)
    You will need to tell the staff you have a rail pass while you book the ticket.
    We will not stamp your pass, so you will not a day. As long as you are a pass holder that’s fine by us.
    But once you will arrive on the other side if you want to use the train you will need to get your pass validated before boarding any trains.

    Bon Voyage!

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