Event- Financial Help…………………….?

My friend is a journalist (she’s in high school) and she got invited to go to the World Business Forum this fall. She’s getting in complementary with press pass and she has to take her dad along as she is a minor. They are offering her dad a discount ticket of 1590 dollars but they have to pay for travel and lodging on their own. She knows this is somewhere close to 3500 dollars total just to cover a two day conference but she doesn’t know whether the experience is worth it. It is the World Business Forum in New York after all but she is coming from a mid income family. She can negotiate further with the people who are going over ticket details with her but she’s afraid they’ll lost interest and deny her a pass. She’s in high shcool and thinks its great, I told her to go but she cannot see whether it will be worth it or not. Will it be? Should she go?

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  1. Go with the flow says:

    Junk mail needs to be thrown away.
    That’s a scam.
    Everyone gets that in the mail
    Note: There will be many invitations. And colleges are always offering these things also.

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