Ex Husband Is Being Very Heartless?

If u read my other question that I asked with regards to my belongings you’ll get the picture. Upon reading the answers I decided to tell his mum that I had told the police and they would come with me next week so I could get my stuff and use force if needed I.e break the door down. She got scared and said call my ex again which I did and he did not answer. During this I found out my dads cancer is in the final stages and he only has a few months left.
I was distraught and tried to call him again as I just wanted to get my stuff and rather than chase him up spend precious time with my dad. He said that he would give me the keys tommorow and when I asked what time he hung up only to call again asking for a top up voucher!!!!
I told him everything about my dad and my present situation. I then called his mum and told her that if I do not have keys from him by early afternoon then I would break the door myself she agreed saying it’s your property. I really don’t know why he’s so cold hearted knowing my dad could die soon not giving the keys asap and asking for a top up and why his mother does not make life easier for me by saying she’ll get the door open somehow ready for me to collect my stuff. This family is evil I am well shot.
Why is my ex behaving this way? And say I went to his house and his mum says that I cannot break the door and I do and she calls the police? Could I say she allowed me to or would I be arrested? For some reason this year for me and my family so far has been trouble and looks as though it’ll be ful of pain and misery.

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2 Responses to “Ex Husband Is Being Very Heartless?”

  1. Catfish says:

    Well you didn’t explain why you got a divorce so it’s hard to say.
    Usually there are two people who both are to blame, who could both make improvements to make things easier.
    And sometimes you will get a person who is just evil.
    Think. Is there a reason he is angry towards you? What might that be?
    If you want to get your things, don’t get angry with him. The more you act like you are in control…the more he will show you that HE is in control.
    You need to speak to him like an elegant, delicate, sophisticated and patient lady. Get your way by being calm. Communicate with him. Once you get your things and you never need to see him again…then you can whatever you want to to him.
    If that’s too long then I would just get the police to help you. And focus on your family.
    You should wash your hands of this subject because your papa needs you.
    I wish you all the best. Stay strong sister.xx

  2. Babette says:

    I have not read your other question, so I do not know what kind of “stuff” you are trying to get back from him. You must clear your mind of this issue, right now. For now, all you need to do is get a police report that you tried to get your property from his house and were unsuccessful. Give them a specific list of your items. Once you have this report, keep it on the side, and put this issue on the side too until later. Plus, the more you push the issue with his mom and him, the more you show them how much you value your property, the more they enjoy making it hard for you. You must now attend to your father. You must make his last months comfortable. He will not be comfortable if you are all upset and angry with this “stuff” story. Put it on the back burner for now. Please be strong and follow my advice, you will find that it is the best )maybe not the easiest) but the best way to go. My best wishes to you and my thoughts to your dad.

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