Executive Branch Question?

I’m doing the study guide for my American Government class and I’m having trouble finding the answer to one of the questions. I’ve been looking through my notes and all over the internet, and still have nothing. it says…
“What are some of the factors that go into choosing appointments?”
This is for the Executive branch Section. There is no further elaboration for the question given.

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One Response to “Executive Branch Question?”

  1. DON W says:

    The President chooses appointees based on the following sorts of criteria:
    –First and foremost, the skills, experience and education the candidate would bring to the job. For instance, a person being considered to be the head of the Department of Education should know an awful lot about education in the US, should probably have a Doctorate in Education, and should have had equivalent jobs on the state level.
    –The candidate should be in agreement with the administration on key policy issues. For instance, the candidate Secretary of the Department of Education should agree with the President that school vouchers aren’t a good idea, and that the government should set general education guidelines while allowing the states to work out the details.
    –The candidate should probably be from the same political party as the President. While the current President does occasionally select a Republican for a key position (such as the current candidate for the Secretary of Defense), most of his candidates will be Democrats as he is.

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