Exercises and Workouts – Complete Your Upper Body Look By Building Your Rear Delts

When it comes to getting an attractive upper body, one muscle group you cannot afford to forget about is your rear delts. The rear delts are the often overlooked muscle because you cannot “see” them when you are in the gym, but they are a critical muscle to help…

  • keep your shoulder girdle in the proper position,
  • help you avoid injuries, and
  • ensure you are maximizing your physique.

When you have nicely built rear delts, you will create the 3D look to your body to help set you apart from the others.

What are some tips to help ensure you are hitting your shoulder properly? Here are a few ideas to help…

1. Face Pulls Are Your Best Exercise. First, know the absolute best exercise you can do for your rear delts is the face pull exercise. This movement is going to isolate this part of the deltoid when done appropriately and help give you the rounded, capped look to your shoulders. While you will hit rear delts whenever you perform bent over rows or other rowing movements, face pulls are the ultimate move in building the rear deltoid muscle.

In addition to doing face pulls, you can also perform reverse fly exercises which come in at second place to face pulls for isolating the rear delts. It does take some practice to get to feel this exercise correctly, but when you do, it can be very effective.

2. Focus On Protracting Your Shoulders. The next tip to keep in mind is the one for best muscle engagement: you will want to protract your shoulders before moving into the pull of the exercise. This is especially important when doing face pulls, but is also applicable when doing reverse fly exercises.

By doing so, you will get the ideal mind-muscle connection and move the back muscles to help work through the full range of motion.

3. Go Light For Better Muscle Activation. The last tip when training your rear delts is to avoid lifting too heavy. You might try to push yourself, lifting as heavy as you can, the same as you would for other exercises. While it is understandable you would want to do this, keep in mind this is not necessarily best for rear delt development. Going lighter allows you to feel the muscles more. Hence you will see greater results.

Keep these points in mind and next time you are heading to the gym for a shoulder workout, include the face pulls or reverse fly exercises in your routine. You don’t want to miss out on the benefits working this rear shoulder muscle offers.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

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