Express Employee Dress Code?

I just recently got hired there and they went over the things with the dress code and told me I don’t have to wear their clothes(but something similar to it). I don’t think I really have clothes(for the most part) that is similar to their clothes. I’m just nervous because I don’t want to go in the first day and not be prepared. I was going to use my discount to buy stuff from there but I kind of don’t have the money for that now.
If anyone has history with the store what did you wear that wasn’t actually from the store. I just want to some ideas without going in and asking again. I am a guy btw. Thank you

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One Response to “Express Employee Dress Code?”

  1. Elliot says:

    go to velue village for a few outfits i shoped there all thorugh college shirts are like 2 $ jeans are like 10$ and practicly new i got my first suit there with jacket and dress shirt for 50 $ nobady can tell

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