Factors that influence sales?

What factors influence store sales?

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  1. M.A.W. says:

    Sales are affected by the following factors:

    1 Customer demand
    2 Seasonal effect
    3 Pricing policies
    4 Discounts
    5 Value of the product for the customer
    6 Competition
    7 Type of the product
    8 Advertising

  2. North Star says:

    Strategic positioning of the goods is number one. Example sweets at the checkout.

  3. mangal says:

    Price, promotion, presentation and place (location) in addition to people who work for the store. ( who is minding the store?) Not to mention the product.

  4. briley_can says:

    All of the above plus:

    – the weather
    – time of year
    – economy
    – employment rates
    – awareness of product
    – availability of product
    – reputation of manufacturer
    – reputation of retailer
    but mainly price

  5. ۩ says:

    cost in the number 1 factor

  6. grabcsma says:

    Position, price promotion

    Marks and Spencers use a higher price for perceived higher quality. The promote this to drive sales

    Selling benefits rather than features also helps the sales process.

    The last and final thing that influences sales is hard work!!

  7. Tesfaye says:

    Internal and external factors
    Internal factors
    Product feature / durability, attractiveness, usefulness to satisfy some need
    Price /not always to mean low price/ it is to mean reasonableness
    Promotional effectiveness
    Sales persons skill and knowledge about the product
    Demand of the product (if there is no available demand for the product sales could be lower or
    seasonality of the demand for the product could affect its sales.)

    External Factors
    Economic condition of the target market
    Social factors (cultural change, demographic change, )
    Technological factors (changing a technology could affect one’s product sales by replacing with
    other ways of satisfying needs
    Substitution of the Product in the market
    Legal environment (changing in the regulation of the target market)

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