Facts About Wool Rugs – Characteristics and Uses

Years and generation had past and the used of wool is still very dominant. The import and export quality of this product can not be neglect by most of the business man who prefer wool as one of the means of their money making. Since in the early civilization, wool take a very good part of comforting and covering the skin of the natives from being cold. And up to now, wool is in demand commodity, and knowing everything about wool and the facts how it can made our lives better, we of course can not deny our love to wool products.

Wool usually refers to the fibrous protein derived from the specialized skin cells called follicles in sheep. It came from animals that came from Caprinae family of animals which is the most common is the sheep, and other mammals including goats, mohair from goats, vicuña, alpaca, and camel from animals in the camel family, and angora from rabbits.

Wool has different characteristics compared to other animal's coverings, for it has a different texture or handle, it is elastic, and it grows in staples that why it preferred by is wavers in making cloth and other materials such as tapestries and rugs. Wool is carefully and individually spins to attach fibers together to make elegant wool rugs which have great bulk than other rugs and retain an amount of the air which causes the product to retain heat.

One of the characteristics of wool rugs is that it readily absorbs and gives off moisture. It can absorb large amount of moisture which is almost one third of its total weight. It also absorbs sound which make the place where it is being put on become a great way to relax because of its solace mood. During rainy or winter season, wool rugs is can be put in front of the fire place because it is very resistant to heat and flame, it has lower rate of flame spread, low heat release, low heat of combustion, and do not melt.

A 100% wool rugs have usually a natural creamy white color, but because of technology today we can see them in numbers of mixed colors. Having wool rugs at home create an elegant look in your home, it can made your home looked like the kings palace, or with the touch of a goddess. It can stay even in the heavy traffic are, and can be easily worn or torn by scavengers who often step into it for wool rugs has a very strong natural fiber.

Let us consider having wool rugs as part of our floor decoration, it gives not only beauty but also a good home environment.

Source by Tintin Pedrosa

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