Family working at British Airways = Discount?


I was wondering, I have a family member working at British Airways. Would it be possible for her to get me a discount on a flight? She works on check in/out and has been there a while.


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4 Responses to “Family working at British Airways = Discount?”

  1. Greywolf says:

    Yes. Exactly which discount you can get depends on how close a family member you are. The best discounts are reserved for really really close (parents and children orf the employee). But the internal news rag had in my time and presumably still has a list of discounted flights that are still cheap, with little restriction on who can have them. Depending on the time of year, these will usually be just Europe. Occasionally but not at all often there might be long-haul. My wife and I had lots and lots of weekends away all over Europe in nice cities. Notice that there will probably be not many seats at that price, so you have to make up your mind on the day the rag comes out and make the purchase immediately. You can usually get a nice price on a BA-recommended hotel at the same time.

  2. luddite says:

    Why don’t you ask her?

  3. sunshine_mel says:

    Yep – if you’re a nominated person on her friends and family list (she can nominate 2 people)

    BA discounts are on standby flights; so you can’t book tickets, you have to wait for a spare seat 🙂

  4. Mercury says:

    That will be up to her why not ask her

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