Farm Buildings – Planning Applications and Building Regulations

There is a whole array of complex regulations regarding the construction of farm buildings, and whether these require prior planning permission. This can be a very confusing time for farm owners, so in an ideal world your farm building supplier should also be able to offer advice and guidance on any applications that need to be completed. This process can be quite drawn-out and stressful, so if your supplier will undertake this for you then that really can prove to be a weight off the mind.

All farm buildings that are designed need to meet the BS 5950 and BS 5502 standards. The BS 5950 standard aims to achieve the highest competence in the design, fabrication and erection of structural steelwork. The BS 5502 standards are a code of best practice regarding the design, construction and loading of agricultural structures or an industrial building. Acquiring these Kitemarks is a great indictment of the quality of firms' operations, and assures potential clients as to the reliability and durability of these buildings.

Farm land of 5ha or more is permitted to have any building work undertaken on it, as long as prior notification to the relevant council has been submitted. Areas of up to 5ha may be limited in the type of work that can be completed, although a building modified to change its usage from a non-agricultural building to an agricultural one, or from holding machinery to housing livestock for instance is not subject to planning approval.

A planning application is submitted to the local planning authority, who will publicize the application in the local media. The public has a limited time-frame in which to respond before a final decision is made, generally within eight weeks. The application will then be approved, refused (appeal is often available) or approved with conditions attached.

Planning permission is not required by farm owners for agricultural operations or in the use of existing farm buildings on agricultural land for agricultural purposes. Any subsequent application that has been made will be decided by the local planning authority, which is traditionally the local council or National Park planning authority.

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