Feel Terrible With Myself After Today. I Let Myself Down Badly?

I am a volunteer and today I was meant to be taking an elderly lady to a hospital appt, she wanted someone to accompany her as she was worried she might not understand what the consultant was telling her. She has two subsequent appts.
I was told to arrive at 8 30 as the appt was at 9. I waited 20 minutes for a bus from my house, and when on the bus it took 20 minutes to go down one long road as it was packed full of cars which were moving incredibly slowly. Combination if rush hour traffic and dropping to school as it is an area crammed full of schools.
At any other time I would have got there in ten minutes so I was not expecting this at all. At 8 30 I called her from the bus and there was no reply she had left, probably didn’t want to be late. I felt absolutely terrrible. I stayed in her area until half 12. I knocked on her door three times wanting to apologise and give her the card, flowers and book voucher that I bought her. Each time her tenant a dutch man living there opened the door and he kept saying she’s still not back. In the end I left the card and flowers with him and asked him to give them to her. He said I could wait in the house but I felt uncomfortable alone with a man I didnt know. I waited in the area for 4 hours.
This evening I called her to apologise again and she said she cannot accept the book voucher. I said I will meet her at 12 15 next tuesday to take her to her appt at 1pm.
I just feel so terrible that I let this poor lady down when she was relying on me today. Also when I emailed the lady supervising volunteers she replied “oh what a shame – did you get hold of her?” And that’s it. I really feel awful.

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4 Responses to “Feel Terrible With Myself After Today. I Let Myself Down Badly?”

  1. Jessica Albinar says:

    Shame on you!!!

  2. Chelsea says:

    No not shame on her at all! Why come here just to make her feel worse? It’s obv not your fault & I understand why you feel bad & the fact that you got her gifts & waited around for so long proves that & that you care.. ALOT!! Well done you for putting in so much effort as a volunteer. This world needs more of you & less of the person that made the first comment 🙂

  3. Emily says:

    Listen: You screwed up, you feel bad, you won’t do it again. Also, you tried to make it up to her. There’s nothing else you CAN do. Just try to let it blow over, and don’t worry over spilled milk, sweetheart(:

  4. **Love** says:

    To be honest, it isn’t your fault. It was the traffic and the bus’ fault. Next time I’m pretty sure you should take an earlier bus so that you can spend some time with her before you have to leave for the appointment. I would just apologize one last time to make sure that she knows how incredibly sorry you are. It’s okay, it was an honest mistake!

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