Finding the Right Local Deals

I love finding good local deals. It does not really matter what it is for; I am all about the deal. I revel in them. I remember a friend of mine coming in to work one day, talking about an exercise bench that he found out in front of a random house that he drove by. There was a sign on it that read "free," so he picked it up and loaded it into his car. Later that day, he listed it on an online auction site and was able to sell if for about $ 75, plus shipping! He found it for free, took about thirty minutes to get it listed, and made a hefty profit off of it, all in about a week. I could do deals like that all day long.

I did a local deal of my own. I had two copies of a rare book that were more or less worthless to me, but I got a tip that it was going hot on the auction sites. I listed one and sold it for about $ 400 dollars, and was then contacted by someone who lost in the bidding to find out if I had another copy, for which he paid $ 425. I paid $ 40 for one of the books and got the other one from a friend who was giving it away, and made almost $ 1000. I think I might try to round up a few more copies and see what I can do with it in the future.

Source by Graham Pratt

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