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Skagen is a cutting-edge watch when it comes to style and distinction among hundreds of competitors. It does not belong, for example, in the same sentence with Corum, a quirky watch whose odd and outrageous designs belie its magnificence as a quality timepiece. That’s not to put down Skagen at all. It’s to say, in essence, that Skagen watches are finely designed watches which, while they may not equal others in prestige (and that’s changing, too), offer style and variety in an affordable package-no small feat these days.

Skagen itself is a fishing village in Northern Denmark. It is quaint: Skagen’s natural surroundings are quite beautiful, and it may legitimately be called romantic and, as a place to visit, highly enticing-even though getting there may take some effort. A dramatic place, is Skagen: a fusion of sorts between a raw and craggy geography and man-made beauty and romanticism. It was, and is, a tiny fishing village; it was, and is, a place for those seeking inspiration and motivation. It is the progenitor of its namesake watch, the Skagen timepiece.

Not so long ago, in 1987 to be exact, two Danish natives (who lived in Copenhagen) traveled to the United States to run their own business. Who knows exactly why they-Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, husband and wife-felt the need to relocate in the U.S in order to launch their business. Perhaps distance from their native country provided a perspective that would otherwise not have been attainable. Perhaps it was the relative ease of finding resources here to help build the business; clearly it was not for inspiration. Both Henrik and Charlotte had plenty of that from their native country.

Soon after decamping Denmark for the states these two started a business called Skagen Designs. Its premise was simple (but simple does not equate to being easy): build highly stylized, uniquely designed products that worked extraordinarily well, that took elegance and made it practical and desirable and useable. And let’s not forget affordable. Make stunning, efficient products whose costs were largely accessible to everyone.

Out of this native country exodus, and given the corporate mission, came Skagen Designs, which included watches but also other products as well. The Skagen Collection embraced, purely, the watch: it posited the watch as something new and intrinsically beautiful-but also, in the case of several models, austere too. Which meant that the Jorst’s were willing to construct, and did, beauty without baubles, stunning without gaudiness. If a Skagen watch is characterized by anything it is its deceptively simple construct, its delicate but resilient properties. When you see a Skagen watch, you know it’s a Skagen watch, no matter the context. It needn’t be only in the self-defined display cases at your local jewelers-not at all.

A Skagen watch is as easily identified on a wearer’s arm as it is in a case. Designs are marked by a kind of skinny elegance. It is perhaps, by design, one of the least conspicuous watches in an age when, so far as watches are concerned, bigger keeps getting bigger and are more a dominant part of an individual’s presence.

Skagen watches tend to choose delicacy and style over current, whimsical, trend-only design. It is the watch it is because it does not compromise its look. And because of that, and also because of the great care and attention to detail its owners cleave to-because of these, Skagen has emerged as a watch very desired by both the ordinary wearer and the collector alike.

Skagen is a fine quality watch: beautiful and distinct by design; affordable by means of business model.

Skagen watches are worth your attention.

Source by Stephen N Foster

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