First Time Health Insurance Question?

I recently turned 50. Have been self-employed most of my life and never had or really needed health insurance.
I guess next year I will have to get it so I looked into the highest deductible my local blue cross offers.
Its $3250 and I pay $174 per month. Which I guess limits my out of pocket to $5338 the first year. I can handle that. I could handle a higher but that the highest they offer.
My questions are does the plan offer me any kind of group rates with my Dr or any hospital bills if I have them ? Or am I stuck with the current wildly inflated rates I currently get for blood work ? (I haven’t been PAYING for the blood work because they stopped giving me a reasonable discount)
Ive found a new place to get my blood work at a discount in the future if I prepay.
My further questions are how much are my rates likely to increase in the future ?
What about IF I have a heart attack ? That’s my most likely “event” in the near and long term future.
One of the reasons I have avoided getting insurance in the past is because Ive never been able to get adequate answers to the above questions.
Another question about a health savings account. Will one benefit me with no earned income ?
All my income is now passive. Capital gains, interest, dividends. No earned income. No paycheck. Not willing to work for the kind of jobs I would be hired at.
(Too much work for too little pay) I own my house & can live on very little. Less than $12k per year before healthcare. Healthcare will likely be my biggest single expense going forward.
Since BCBSs plans go on a calender year, it seems like Jan 1 is the best time to start….if Im going to start.

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