first time in las vegas how do you get discounts and where is decent to eat?

Im going to las vegas in 6 weeks and although im not on a tight budget would still like to take advantage of any offers for attractions and eating out as its my first time in vegas ive no idea where i would get discount coupons or vouchers or if there are any websites. Also wheres good to eat on the strip.

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  1. UrbanPhotos says:

    The problem with eating well on the strip are the long lines. So I usually go wherever there isn’t a line.

    First do a Google search for phrases like LAS VEGAS BUFFET DISCOUNTS or LAS VEGAS RESTAURANT COUPONS etc.

    Then check the magazines in your hotel room when you arrive. Also watch the TV commercial for your hotel (almost every hotel runs their own 24 hour commercial on one of the TV channels.) It’s about a ten minute ad that repeats over and over.

    Local magazines and newspapers are also worth checking.

    Some casinos also offer a free "Fun Book", usually at the same desk where you sign up for a slot club card. Fun books usually include coupons for 2 for 1 food or drink items, a free keychain, a free double your bet on roulette, stuff like that. They hand you one if you leave Circus Circus by the south exit near Slots A Fun.

    On the strip, Slots A Fun, O’Sheas and Casino Royale are the best places to look for low priced food and drink deals. Most of the strip is overpriced, like an airport. The casinos on Fremont Street downtown also have a lot of deals.

    While Circus Circus has a reputation as a discount property with a bad buffet, their steakhouse has a solid reputation as one of the best on the strip.

    Red Square in Mandalay Bay has a bar with a sheet of ice on top.

  2. casey says:

    Ask a homeless person..they’ll steer you to a soup kitchen..don’t forget to tip

  3. banananose_89117 says:

    Nothing you will get free unless you sit thru hours of hard timeshare selling

    Buffets, all day price, the best deal

  4. Rich says:

    = Arizona Charlies Decatur and Boulder Highway – Both are cheap buffets, among the lowest prices in town, but trust us when we say you get what you pay for here. If all you want are some eggs and chewy bacon, it’s probably a fair deal, but you’d have to be a real adventurer to try the dinner menu.

    = Green Valley and Red Rock – These two joints are a notch up from the other Station casinos, but have the same owner, and primarily serve the locals. The buffets cost a few bucks more, but man, oh, man are they good. These are among the best in Vegas, but with prices well below the fancypants Strip joints.

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