Floor Art Area Rugs

These days, people love variety. The emergence of floor art area rugs in the market today signals that it is high time to embrace and celebrate variety. And they have been doing quite well since they came in the market of interior decoration. The advent of these rugs brings me to give you a lowdown on the pros and cons of having them in your home.

Benefit Number One: Floor Art Area Rugs Are Moveable One of the biggest hassles of moving from house to house is that you cannot manually transfer a permanently-etched flooring no matter how lovely it is. With the floor area rugs, you will really be able to move your rugs from place to place without much hassle. It will really be much better for you and your family to invest in them.

Benefit Number Two: They help you express creativity better. Another good thing about floor art area rugs is that it helps you become more creative with your flooring. A home is not a home unless there is fluidity and creativity that will be unleashed through the designs. Since they are fairly easy to assemble, you can be more creative with it. You have so many options even. Colors and styles that cannot be found in tile flooring can be found with rug designs.

Benefit Number Three: Floor Art Area Rugs are affordable. Another thing which makes them classic favorites is that they are really affordable. Compare the cost of them to that of authentic tile flooring. You will be stumped with the costs. You can buy so much more than tile flooring variations, for sure. So many people are switching to these rugs since they are really quite affordable and creative to put up in one’s home.

But then, like many other things, there are pitfalls to consider when purchasing them.

Flaw Number One: Floor Art Area Rugs Can Be Quite Vulnerable Now this is one of the flaws you cannot expect it to be as tough as the hedged flooring of tiles and wood. They are clearly not able to guarantee that it will not tear in the long run. If you are installing them you must at least ensure that you put it in an area not prone to aggressive physical activity in order to preserve it much better.

Flaw Number Two: It is not that resistant to fading, tearing and burning. There are tile flooring that are fire-resistant, and it passes safety standards. There is no such thing when it comes to floor art area rugs You can expect colors to fade, tear and burn after a long time of usage. It is not as long lasting as the tougher flooring.

Flaw Number Three: Much harder to clean! Ultimately, the challenge of maintaining floor art area rugs is in cleaning. While in tile floors you can put acids and scrub away without fear of destroying the surface, you will find that rugs needs to be professionally cleaned and they are really prone to staining. You will even have to dry it out once you clean it, unlike those tiled flooring designs which quickly dry up as fast as one wipes it with a wet cloth.

Source by Sejal Karavadia

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