For How Long Must A Tattoo Be Protected After The Making?

Dear Friends,
i have a discount on taking tattoos, but i will go to the beach and hot weather within about two weeks from now. for how long must i protect my tattoo? from sun? showering? etc?
thanks in advance
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3 Responses to “For How Long Must A Tattoo Be Protected After The Making?”

  1. Veronica says:

    3 weeks till you can get in the water, like ocean/pool/bath.
    Showering you can just don’t soak your tatt.
    Forever from the sun.

  2. khloe says:

    I think its about 2 weeks but ya not allowed to get it wet or anything for the fist couple of hours they cover it up after you have it done

  3. chickenl says:

    2 weeks is definitely not safe. i often get tattoos in the winter so that it has time to heal before being exposed to the sun/salty or chlorine water. showering is fine but you cant scurb it til its healed, just gentle washing. i would wait to get your tattoo so there is no temptation to swim or anything

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