For The Purpose Of Claiming Tax Credits Would Salery Sacrifice Be Deducted To Get My Annual Income?

I pay £220 for childcare and this goes out automatically from my wages before I am taxed so that my monthly income is about £600. When I fill in the Tax Credit Calculator I understand that I shouldn’t fill in anything about the amount I pay in childcare as I would not get the childcare element of working tax credits if I use SS. What I am a little uncertain of (and no one on the h TC Hotline has been able to clarifiy) is whether my annual income figure should be the full amount I get before Childcare goes out or the amount I am left with. I’m sure the answer is probably that it’s your full salary before dedications and that the tax I save (I currently pay no tax as after the CC vouchers go out I am under 7000) makes it fair that I would not get tax credits. Just wanted confirmation that this is so.

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