Ford discount scheme?

Does anybody know how much discount you get with a Ford Pivilege voucher? My uncle has worked in Ford Factory for over 25 years and he said that I can get a brand new ford through his discount, but he’s on holiday at the moment and I am dying to know how much discount it is? I’ve heard somebody say its 30% and someone else say its 20%. Has anybody had experience of this…… I can’t wait till my uncle’s back from holiday lol!!!
No I don’t think the car has to be bought in his name, he just gets the voucher and the depreciation is not that bad because the discount will account for the depreciation, if I can buy a brand new ford for the same price as a nearly new one then I may as well buy a brand new one!! I am not losing anything, thanks everyone

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  1. cheesewithyourwhine? says:

    The plan is called "Z" plan, or "A" plan, for Ford factory workers. It’s a great deal. But it only applies to the person, and their spouse, children, grandchildren, and parents. In-laws are okay too (brother/sister and mother/father in law I believe)

    I know that uncle/aunt, niece/nephew relationships aren’t allowed. Ford makes the dealers document relationships by providing birth certificates, marriage certificates, adoption papers, etc. to prove that you are not "fibbing" about your relationship. We used to do friends, cousins, anyone, just call them a sister or an inlaw. Ford caught on and got very strict about documentation. If a dealer is caught selling a car to a non-eligible person, they can lose their right to sell any of these special plan programs to anyone, including their own employees!

    The car does not have to be in his name, but if you don’t qualify for the discount, you might be able to have him sign with you. I’m pretty sure he would have to be the primary signer, with you as the cobuyer.

    Make sure you talk to your local dealership to get details. The discount is not a set percentage off of MSRP. It’s usually anywhere from $500 to $1500 BELOW invoice, depending on the model of car!

  2. Ricky G says:

    The discount is not a set percentage. It is based on a set amount over the invoice price of the car. It is usually a small amount over invoice, which is what a dealership pays for the car.

  3. You have but one choice says:

    if your in the uk don’t by a ford.
    once you buy the car that’s it, they don’t look after you buy second hand with warranty, don’t expect nothing i have had real issues with ford and no going over to volvo because of there after sales care…


    good luck

    bigbadlies x

  4. ANDY says:


    First thing is check if the car has to be bought in his name?
    I suspect so as he is the one with the service there not you.
    If so when you get it, it will show you as 2nd owner even if your uncle never sees it.

    A new car is fine but remember it will loose 10 to 20% of value, maybe more, because it is 2nd hand as soon as a name goes on the log book as it cannot be replaced or the name removed.

    I have bought New Motor Bike in U.K and Car in Germany.

    Andy C

  5. Steve P says:

    I went to buy a new ford with one of these vouchers last year. The dealership had a deal on at the time and the car was actually cheaper than buying with a voucher. So, be careful when you purchase that no deals are coming up in the near future before you buy.

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