Fossil Ladies Watches – Timepieces With Unique Style

Fossil ladies watches are unique in the world of timepieces. All too often women are given the choice between froufrou dress watches which are too delicate to stand up to daily rigors, or watches that are simply pared down versions of men’s styles which are chunky and uncomfortable on the wrist. Fossil understands that we ladies want watches that are stylish, durable and made specifically to fit our wrists and our lifestyles. Even the Fossil watches that are patterned after similar men’s styles are carefully proportioned to never appear too large on the feminine wrist and to be comfortable all day.

Fossil ladies watches come in styles both dressy and casual. Their dressy watches are made unique by features such as interlocking links, Swarovski crystals and unique metals such as rose-gold. Dress watches are kept small, sleek and delicate to better emphasize the length of your arm and to compliment delicate dress styles and fabrics. Fossil dressy watches will look good with silks and the lightweight cottons of summer, and the satins and velvets of winter. A Fossil dress watch has perfect party etiquette — it will certainly make a statement, but it will never dominate the conversation.

When it comes to casual style Fossil ladies watches excel at providing great looking watches that will pair well with all of your casual outfits. One of their most successful styles is the Trend watch which features a wide leather band in black or brown and a rectangular watch face. The watch is secured to the band via riveted leather straps. This makes for an extremely comfortable watch as the metal never touches your skin. The longer you wear this watch the more comfortable it becomes as the leather begins to mold itself to the natural contours of your wrist.

All Fossil ladies watches come with a standard 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Most styles have some water resistance. When you purchase a Fossil watch you are buying into a unique design aesthetic that has made Fossil so popular over the years. The comfortable way the watches sit on the wrist, the design flourishes and the high manufacturing standards mean you are purchasing a watch that will look and feel great on you for years to come. Fossil made its name with a unique design aesthetic, but it won it’s legions of fans by making the watches comfortable to wear — if only our shoes could say as much.

Source by Marc Obadia

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