Four People Staying In A Hotel Room For Two?

A friend of mine and her boyfriend won a trip to Hawaii. They got a voucher for a free hotel room for 5 nights. They had a choice of two double beds or a king size bed. They want to switch to the double beds because my boyfriend and I are going to come with them. If we stayed with them, would the hotel charge us if we got caught even though the room was free? What are the chances of us getting caught?

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4 Responses to “Four People Staying In A Hotel Room For Two?”

  1. bob seesk says:

    as far as i can tell what people do is there own business, until they ask you, inwhich case then you just say “i don’t know what your saying to me” and walk off. wht are they going to do? tackle you? just remain off site of your friends as they check in

  2. Beachgir says:

    The hotel may charge a little extra for extra people in the room to cover the cost of the extra towels and cleaning. ( maybe $10 extra a day). You can call and ask their policy for extra people …some hotels just list a maximum occupancy for the room. If you decide to sneak in and you don’t pay the hotel you should at least leave the maid double the normal tip to be fair to the staff. You should be tipping based on the value of a normal night (not the free prize). The average hotel housekeeping tip for 2 people in the room is $5 per day so be sure you don’t stiff the maid just because you got a good deal.

  3. Maui Guy says:

    The hotel won’t do anything, but I would advise spotting the maid five bucks a day because she’ll know by all the towels and stuff. Leave it with a note saying…”a bit of aloha for you for making our stay wonderful”. Without a tip, she just may say something to management. With it, she may keep it zipped so that she doesn’t lose the daily payola..
    But hey…you’re in Hawaii having the time of your life. Why the two beds? Just go for the king and make it a lifetime memory….lol..

  4. Yeti says:

    It might depend on how they “won” it. If it’s a timeshare thing or something, they might not be too happy with other people tagging along. And yes, the hotel would probably charge you extra if you’re caught. The room and prize were presumably for a certain number of people and came with conditions. It’s likely the hotel would detect things by the luggage and towels present (and any extra keys requested). There may or may not be enough communication between maids and staff to notice though. The bigger thing is they’d notice that you and your boyfriend are wandering around the hotel repeatedly but you’re not registered guests.
    Anyway, a lot would be about what exactly the won and why.

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