Four Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

Convenient flight at a great price? Check. Hotels booked near everything you want to do? Check. Rental car reserved? Check. Travel insurance purchased? No? Many of us don’t think we need trip insurance, until we actually need trip insurance when work or an illness forces us to cancel our long-awaited, non-refundable vacation package. With that in mind, we came up with four Reasons to buy travel insurance. There are dozens of reasons, actually, but we’ll start with these four. We’ll also briefly describe the various plans for domestic and international travel insurance offered by Travel Insured International.

1. You’re a manager in a small business and your owner boss needs you to handle a big job during the same week you have booked to be on vacation. The Worldwide Trip Protector Gold has you covered. The most comprehensive trip insurance package we offer comes complete with full reimbursement of your trip cost if you have to cancel for employer-documented work reasons. Trip interruption, delays and missed connections are just a few of the other inconveniences covered.

2. You lost your job and now cannot afford to go on vacation, a risk in today’s uncertain economy. The Worldwide Trip Protector travel insurance plan provides protection for this potential risk when you have worked one continuous year at the place where you lose your job. The plan is popular with families because of its free coverage for children younger than 18 when they travel with a related adult on the same plan.

3. Your daughter’s school year won’t be ending on the scheduled calendar date for summer dismissal because of snow days. The Trip Protector Lite Expanded features a school year extension benefit to protect families when school make-up days eat into their previously scheduled vacation time. This trip insurance plan, which is popular with families on travel budgets, is the right coverage when combined with trip and cruise packages.

4. A recent act of terrorism causes you to want to stay close to home. Every person responds to terrorism in his or her own way. Some refuse to let a terrorist act keep them from enjoying their well-deserved vacation. Others don’t want to take the risk of traveling under a high threat level. The Trip Protector Lite travel insurance plan allows for you to cancel due to a terrorist act occurring within 30 days of your scheduled departure in a city on your travel itinerary. This is the most affordable trip insurance plan available through Travel Insured International.

We all deserve a vacation.

Source by Richard Fikayo

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