Free Ppc Google ?? ? ? ?

I know of some geek rying to sell for a price how to get free PPC from Google, not just once using their free vouchers system, but knows how to do it time and time again, does anyone out there know how to do it, i would buy a copy of my own but funds are so tight at the moment, sorry to ask for your charity if youve paid for it yourself, but any free inforamtion provided all goes to help the very good cause of helping us out.

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One Response to “Free Ppc Google ?? ? ? ?”

  1. Jake says:

    Some people manage to violate their terms by getting more than one account under different identities, actually it seems Google has scaled back the voucher promotions, it may be more difficult to even get one, they seem to range from $50 to $200, whether those offered in underground marketplaces are valid is not certain.
    Google would nor earn their Billions if they helped everyone claiming to be a “very good cause”
    Facebook has similar vouchers for their ad system.

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