free to a good home ads, have you ever got a complete bargain free?

did you see something advertised somewhere free and get a real bargain , was it a pet, an object or just something handy you were after…

or does FREE simply mean ‘valueless’ and you bodyswerve any such ads?

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4 Responses to “free to a good home ads, have you ever got a complete bargain free?”

  1. Jessie O says:

    i got a hamster!
    i named him hammy and he was alive for a whole 5 years.
    i loved him ='[

  2. justagirl says:

    never got anything from them, but id advertise a hamster and accessories 4 free on 1, and gave sum1 him 4 free, i didn’t want it because it was smelly and needed cleaned out all the time which i couldn’t b bothered with, i personally think theres usually a catch or its crap, or the person giving it away genuinely has no use 4 the item anymore and wants rid.

  3. dont know much says:

    Yes I got a hamster from someone who thought it was smelly and hard to keep the cage clean.
    Got loads of accessories too but I just chucked them.
    Oh and the Hamster tasted delicious !

  4. Dominae Cazzarol Maremm says:

    lol just had a good laugh from this guy eating his hamster 🙂 Real wicked, could go into a Simpson series LOL. I am actually crying :))

    anyway, here they’ll promise you a free laptop

    also look in yahoo groups for a group called FREECYCLE and you’ll get more free stuff than you can handle, I gave away most of my stuff when I moved house, people do give away LOTS of stuff.

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