Fun Camel Themed Snack Or Handout For A Presentation?

I am doing a presentation about the prohibition party for my school (not saying that I agree or disagree with it, everyone was assigned a party randomly) and I need ideas for fun snacks or something to hand out during it to make it more memorable.
The symbol for the party is a camel, so I was thinking something to go along with that. The party is most known for wanting to ban production and sale of alcohol. This is a high school class but because of this particular teacher keep it rated G.
I’d really appreciate it if the answers were on ideas for snacks or other fun handouts, not on politics. Thanks so much!

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  1. Mutant_G says:

    All I can think of (outside of animal crackers… where you’d have to pull out all of the camels to give to everyone lol) are things you’d have to put together yourself.
    Since their symbol is a camel with two humps, you may want to try and give your snacks two humps.
    You could use marshmallows as humps, or some of those puffy cake things. I just can’t think of what to do for a head, unless you did marzipan (which would take forever and may not taste very good).
    You could also get camel cookie-cutters and decorate some cookies. Or even bake cupcakes and use candy to put little camels on top (whether you used an animal cracker, jelly beans, or even cut some shapes out of a fruit-roll-up).
    If you didn’t want to use candy, you could always use toothpicks to make fruit chunks into a camel! I would still suggest finding a camel cookie cutter because it would be easier. Then you could just slice the fruit up, use the cookie cutter, and then slice up some other fruits to give it more shape (the cookie cutter part could be pineapple, the humps could be strawberries and the head could be a grape, etc). You might be able to avoid giving everyone a bunch of toothpicks for this idea, if you dipped it in melted chocolate and let it harden… but you’d probably have holes in the chocolate from where the toothpicks held it together while you were dipping it.
    I guess you could also use a cookie cutter to make camel shaped sandwiches.
    Sorry I can’t come up with anything better.

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