Fundraising Tips? Any Advice Is Appreciated :)?

After getting some bad medical news about one of our friends, another friend and I decided to start raising funds to help his family with the expenses. We’ve never done this on our own before and aren’t sure how to start, but here are some of our ideas:
-A blog or website (inexpensive to start up, please) where we can have a Paypal or other secure way to get donations, maybe with incentives (like a kickstarter?)
-Selling bracelets or something on Etsy
-Local outreach—besides the typical bake sales and asking for donations, we’d be interested in asking a local restaurant or business to set aside a day or a few hours where part of the proceeds would go to our cause
Have any of you reading this used any of these methods for fundraising before, and can you offer any advice based on your experiences? As of now, we’re not even sure how to start, so any help would be appreciated! Also, I’m 18, but the girl working with me and the person we’re raising money for are both underage, so please keep legal/privacy issues in mind!
Thank you so much!

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